Seafood is the food that many people dream of. Lobster, crab, salmon, conch and so on are all delicious. But seafood cooking can also be a headache for many people, who have a lot of seafood in front of them but don't know how to cook it. In particular, it is a very "annoying" thing to master the cooking skills and the cooking of seafood.
Today, as a native seaside person, let's talk about how to make common seafood, seafood still needs a lot of small skills, master these skills, you can make a table of delicious fresh seafood.
Today, I will introduce the common 10 kinds of seafood processing skills, like friends please collect.
1. How can shrimp be fresh and tender?
Many people cook shrimp, but they always cook it badly. It feels old and hard, and it tastes very woody. And the shrimp cooked out of the restaurant chef, fresh and tender, delicious teeth. It's all in a pot, so what's the problem?
In fact, it's easy to cook restaurant chef-quality prawns. Follow my tips to ensure that you can also cook delicious prawns with teeth.
①, "shrimp is not cooked, is hot cooked". This means to put the shrimp in the pot when the water is boiling, rather than under cold water.
②, "Boiled shrimp to put a spoonful of salt". When you cook shrimp, you lose some of the salt in the shrimp. Adding a spoonful of salt can balance the salt in the shrimp and make the shrimp more delicious.
③, "the water is not boiling immediately take out the shrimp". After the water boils, put the shrimp into the fire to continue to boil, see the water has just begun to bubble, has not boiled, immediately take the shrimp out of the plate. Once the water comes to a boil, the shrimp is done.
Boiled shrimp water must not have red shrimp brain, water boiling shrimp brain was boiled out, shrimp will be old and firewood is not delicious.
2. Can steamed crabs be placed randomly?
When steaming crab, many people put the crab in the pot at random and start steaming, which is actually wrong. Steamed crab is also a skill, crab steamed right, open the shell is yellow full paste fat, attractive. Steamed wrong, the cream yellow flow, at a discount.
So what's the right way to steam a crab? Pay attention to the following points, you can steamed cream yellow, delicious and clinking crab.
①, the crab must be "steamed", rather than "boiled", in order to completely retain the crab's umami taste, boiled umami lost not delicious.
(2) When steaming crabs, the belly of crabs must be put upward, so that the paste and yellow in the body of crabs will not flow out when steaming and remain intact in the crab shell.
3. How can oysters be fresh and sweet
Oyster, also called oyster, many people like oyster. Oyster steaming is very important, and mastering the cooking temperature and way is very important. If we do not pay attention to it, oysters will shrink, grow old and lose their freshness.
In order to get fresh and tender oysters, pay attention to the following points.
The oysters should be placed on the steamer with the stomach up and the stomach down, so that the juices in the steamed oysters would run out and dry out, eroding the freshness of them.
Do not steam the oyster for too long. Steam cold water in a pot and turn off the heat three to four minutes after the water boils. Do not open the pot and stew it for two minutes.
The oysters were very fresh and tender at that time. It does not matter if we did not open them. Open the shell with a small screwdriver, drink the oyster inside first, and then eat the meat.


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